Viking Village

Viking Village is a Uinity assets package available for download in the game engi'es online store. I used is mainly as a "training" ground for learning how to integrate Wwise

into Unity, while moving it a step further and instead of simple dressing the enviroment with nice sfx and a monotonue background music piece, I decided to go for ceveral music tracks  assuming that I am working on a full gamerather than just a sence.

My approch was to create a beatiful and peacful atmosphere since the "game play" I went for is of simple movements inside village. I made in total 5 music pieces which can be heard alone the scene ( on the demo video you can hear only one but on the soundcloud list there  are 3 our of 5 which can also be found on the Library section.) 

Sound Design,
Music Composition,
Unity-Wwise Integration