We provide original music and sound design for media, Examples can be found on the "work" sectionsMore examples on request.Full access to music library on request.

Original Music

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logo_idea101 cccopddy copy.png

Sound Design

(Conceptual) Sound Design is our specialty. We can make your project stand out with unique sound sculpting. May that being simply "scoring" your picture with awesome sounds or using sound as a driving tool for your audience

Audio Implementation

Familiar with integration solutions for games. In close communication with your programming team we can make your game's experience unique by using as little space as possible
the use of powerful Wwise we can plan and structure all audio & music assets in the most cost and creative effect way possible.

Audio Resotration

We believe that everything starts with a good recording, though sometimes things might get wrong. Depending on how harsh the results are we can estimate a possible restoration of your audio.


Just send us a sample and we will be able to estimate what it can be done for it. Though we do not believe in miracles.