PÆN is the pseudonym of Greek-born, Netherlands based composer & sound designer Panos Pagonis. Aiming to deliver story-telling electronic music, rich in atmosphere and dynamic.

Potnia Theron-LP-front-v1 copy.jpg

Potnia Theron - Single

Released November 2020
(taken from upcoming LP "Origins")

Potnia Theron in Mycenaean-Greek meant Mistress of Animals. It is considered to be one of the names for a wide-spread religious figure amongst  Early Bronze Age and Prehistoric civilisation of the Mediterranean region. It is also perhaps the oldest female deity in history and one of the most mysterious ones as we know so little about her. A symbol of fertility, hunt, or simply a proof of the active role women had in these primordial societies.


Thus track is aiming to create a ritual-like atmosphere of an anachronistic “dance" through dynamic rhythms and haunted melodies. (The official audio version will be released with the upcoming Origins LP early 2021)