Abstractive Noise

Abstractive Noise is the moniker of Panagiotis Pagonis, it started as an experimental music project back in 2007 with main intention to explore music 



of the Adder's Bite

"of the Adder's Bite" is the debut full length album of Abstractive Noise ( aka Panagiotis Pagonis). It’s a concept album in which the main “character” a male in his normal form is trapped in a gigantic mechanic-world that is revealed as a woman.(or a woman in the form of the machine) All the tracks are representing a journey through this unfamiliar “world” . 

Each chapter implies the understanding of the protagonist’s journey. The first chapter is the awakening and the realization of the machine’s existence. The second chapter is the struggle for escape and the last is the understanding that there is no way of doing so. 

Musically “of the Adder’s Bite” is trying to combine in the most aesthetically- effective way possible acoustic/cinematic and electronic elements ranging from modern classical and “post”-rock ideas to “idm” and ambient all with the greater purpose of meeting the concept’s thematology . 

Outcast, of the Adder's Bite (1st & 2nd mov.) , Vengeance and Trap were composed during the year 2010 
the rest during Febuary-March 2013

released December 9, 2013 


All music composed produced and mastered by Panagiotis Pagonis. 
Artwork by Anja Millen - www.corrupted.de

Mind Corrupter EP

Experimenting with algorithmic composition and mathematic probabilities, Mind Corrupter build up an extraordinary glitchy, "random", bizarre, broken rhythmical complexity...

released on Impulsvie Art, 2009